Saturday, November 21, 2015


Anya’s scoliosis surgery went well. The recovery time was longer than I had anticipated; I had been told that little kids usually got back into the groove pretty quickly. Anya refused to try to walk for two weeks after surgery, if we tried to put her on her feet she would pull them up at the knees so she couldn’t stand. However, she did decide to do this:


And then she wanted to go to the park and climb on the rock wall:

So I ruled out that she had some kind of weakness issue, and after talking to the orthopedic NP several times we figured she had to do her own thing. Now she wants to walk everywhere, before she would get tired and need to be carried. Her favorite thing is going down to Main Street and walking among the stores.
She is so much straighter than she was! At her follow up they told me she had gone from a 74 degree curve to a 34 degree curve, a 40 degree improvement! In January they will start the lengthening, and that will straighten her out further. She will lay on her stomach and a device will lengthen the rod with a magnet. They will do this every few months until she outgrows this rod in a few years, and then she will get a longer one placed.

 She is avoiding so much surgery with this MAGEC rod! With typical growing rods you have to have surgery a couple times a year and that would be very difficult or even dangerous for Anya. I am so thankful MAGEC was available to her, and she had an excellent surgeon to place them. Most scoliosis patients aren’t three years old, we are so fortunate to live close to a pediatric hospital like Childrens, that has so many specialists.

Praise him from who all blessings flow!

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