Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 30- Off ECMO at last!

Anya was taken off ECMO this evening, from the start she was doing really well. Dr. Kays redressed her chest tube site and the bed needed to be changed afterward; all of her numbers stayed normal through this. Before she had surgery her oxygen numbers would often go down with this kind of activity, so this is very reassuring. Despite being given additional sedation she woke up afterward and was calm but active. Earlier today during another chest tube redressing she was very aggravated and pulled out her NG again. She has been a much more active, responsive baby the past week. I am not sure if it is due to less sedation, the thoracotomy, or being off ECMO  but it is wonderful. Even if I don’t touch her when Adam and I come in she will wake up and look for us.

I got to see the back of Anya’s head for the first time today. The ECMO machine and cannulas got in the way of being anywhere other than her right side before. Her hair is dark like Arwen’s was; I wonder if it will stay dark or lighten like hers did? Soon she will get a bath, she hasn’t had a full bath yet!

God has blessed us!


  1. Wow! This brings me to tears!! I am SO happy to hear that precious baby is off ECMO! I am happy for all of you!

  2. Just getting a chance to check on Anya...this is wonderful news!!!! She is doing great! God is real!


  3. Yayy, just what I need. Thanks for all the help ECMO, now byeeee!!!!